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Our objective of our website is to share our beautiful dogs with everyone and to answer any questions or concerns that possible puppy buyers might have for us.  We are big into educating possible puppy buyers what to look for when choosing a puppy and a kennel.  Not for our own benefit, but to educate and protect the breed we love so much.  Have a look around, stay a while and we hope upon your departure you have a better understanding of this amazing breed the BULLDOG!!


I am one of the lucky owners of Over The Top Bulldogs puppies. My bully was from the first litter that Char had and I want to say, not only did I get a magnificent dog who soon will be 8, she is healthy also. I am happy to say that in all the years since I have had Saydee Rose, Char has always been there for us not only as her breeder but also as a dear friend.  Any questions or problems that could arise I know I could go to her and she would take the time to answer them. Even the great comments she say about my other dogs I have is so sincere. Although there are many great bull dog breeders out there, I personally would always want to own one of Char's and will always recommend her.


Arlene, Saydee Rose, Twister and Truffles

We spent several years searching for the right breeder and when we found Over The Top Bulldogs, our search was over.  Their knowledge, love and care for this breed is evident the second you meet them.  They take the time to educate and even mentor you, if you're new to this quirky breed.

Over The Top Bulldogs is what responsible breeders should aspire to be and what every prospective owner should seek.  Not only will you get the most wonderful addition to your family, you'll have breeders that you'll be happy to call friends.


Brody, Crystal and Howdle

It is with absolute pleasure that I write this testimonial for Charlene Comeau of Over The Top Bulldogs.


Over 4 years ago, my then boyfriend and I decided that we wanted to add a new fur baby into our lives.  Jorden, my now husband has always loved bulldogs.  The look, the temperment, the silliness.  I was of course on board.  After some pretty extensive research, we came across Charlene, and am I glad we did!!  Charlene met up with us at her home for an interview.  I realized during this interview how passionate she was about what she did and the breed itself.  She was really a plethora of bulldog information and was able to answer any question we had.  that day we brought home our first fur baby Archie and 4 weeks later we went back and got our second bulldog, Rosie.  Our lives have never been the same.  Our dogs are the epitome of the breed definition.  They are gorgeous, strong, hilarious, stubborn, incredibly loving and amazing with our 2 children.  We have had no breed related health issues, they have gone for their annual checkups every year and have been in perfect health since day one.  Charlene has become a friend.  Her phone lines are always open for any questions or concerns, any time of day or night.  I cannot speak highly enough of both our amazing fur babies or Charlene and the outstanding job she does with her careful breeding consideration, making sure all fur babies go to phenomenal homes and taking such joy and pride the entire time.


I would recommend Over The Top Bulldogs to everyone looking for a new bulldog family member.  My house will never be without one of these characters!!


Kim, Jorden, Dominic, Ben, Archie and Rosie Lichkowski

We were referred to Charlene from Over The Top Bulldogs by an overwhelming number of people that were part of a Bulldog Meetup Group in Toronto Ontario.  Charlene's reputation for beautiful, well tempered bulldogs, her extensive experience and knowledge with the breed, and her quest to promote and better the breed resounded amongst the Toronto Bulldog community, and she truly exceeded our expectations.  Charlene invited us to her home, and introduced us to her family, both two legs and four.  It was evident from the start the love that she and her children had for her bullies.  The puppies were next to Charlene's bedroom, rather than somewhere segregated from the family where they could be constantly cuddled and handled by her and her children to ensure they had the proper attention.  We ourselves spent several hours playing with both her puppy and adult bullies, surprised at how energetic, smart and well behaved they were.  We fell in love immediately.  It was clear how devoted she was to all her puppies, how serious she was about finding them the proper home, and that they were going to live the lavish life.  When it was time to pick up our puppy Rupert, Charlene and her children took time to hug him good bye and they all became quite emotional.  After 8 years, despite the distance between us, Charlene still keeps in close contact, always enquiring about Rupert and asking for photos.  She is always available to answer questions or concerns, and did not hesitate to come visit when poor Rupert had broken his leg.  He, thanks to Charlene, has changed our lives, he has an ability to always make us laugh, and couldn't imagine life without him.  Thank you Charlene for your unwavering contribution to this beautiful breed and all that you have done for us and Rupert.


Rob, Jen and Rupert

Acquiring an English bulldog puppy at this stage of our lives was kind of a sudden decision for this family.  And the breeder connection had already been established through unusual circumstances.  I remember thinking:  "But I don't even know IF this is a reputable breeder!"  Then I did some research and much to my delight realized that Charlene Comeau was just one of the best!  Charlene's bulldogs "tick all of the boxes" of what a well bred bully should be - in every way with health and temperament at the top of the list.  She raises beautiful families - her own and her dogs!  Our Harry is simply the best and has been the most wonderful addition to this older family.  I would recommend Over the Top Bulldogs to anyone wanting to add one of her wonderful pups to their lives!

Barbara & Ron

We purchased our pup from Charlene in August 2017.  We had a bulldog previous to owning our pup, and although she was a lovely dog, she was plagued with health problems her whole life.  Charlene's dogs are happy, healthy and have great temperments.  We are so happy that we have found a breeder who strives to do the best for the breed by trying to continue the great traits of the English Bulldog by carefully selecting who is in her breeding program.  The pups are raised in her home, and are socialized with other dogs, kids and other people from birth so you know that they can handle almost anything.  We couldn't be more pleased with our little girl Molly who has made our lives so happy.  Life is good, but it just that much better when you own a bulldog! 

Thank you Charlene & Family

Debbie & Werner

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