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Our Old Girls


CH Over The Tops Smooth as Butter

Tequila Sunrise Recha De La Parra


CH Supremebulls Next Generation


Born June 22nd 2010

Butter is our first homebred champion and one we are very proud of.  We went through many trials and tribulations both in our personal lives and dog life, and Butter was definitely our reward for sticking it out and pushing forward.  She is very loving and sweet, mixed with enough mischievous and attitude to make for a great dog.  She is not your typical lazy bulldog, but rather full of p*ss and vinegar.  She has a ton of energy and seems to have springs in her feet as she bounces all over the place.  She has been super healthy and has a sweet disposition, she is very standard at 40 pounds and is very short and cobby.  She has a wonderful headpiece for a female and very nice free flowing movement.  Butter has produced a beautiful litter of 6 born in February 2013 and a litter of 5 born in June 2015.  Butter is the dam to our boy Jack and our girl Dolly.  She is now retired and living with our good friends Jay, Erin and their 2 boys.


CH Over The Tops Working Nine To Five

CH Over The Tops Smooth as Butter


La Vid Rascal's Brixalot Brace For Impact


Born June 29th 2015


This is our girl Dolly who has picture perfect health, the sweetest temperment and is a nice small, compact girl.  She earned her Canadian Championship title in November 2017. Then went on to get her Grand Champion Title in May 2018. She impresses everyone that meets her as she is so kind, gentle and friendly.  All of that in a lightening speed, athletic body that makes this girl a true athlete of the breed.  No one will meet Dolly and think that bulldogs are just lazy couch potatoes. Dolly blessed us with her first litter on January 18th, 2019, where she had 4 beautiful boys and 2 beautiful girls. She then went on and had her second and last litter on November 7th, 2019, where she gave us 3 boys and 1 girl. We were blessed to share our home and our lives with our little Dolly.  She is truly a dream come true. Dolly now is enjoying her retired life with her littermate Clifford in beautiful Nova Scotia with our good friends Mindy and Tony.


        Catoctin Mtn Over The Top Luna

CH Over The Tops Highland Piper


CH Cherokee Origin Just Johnny


Born January 5th 2015

There is so much to say about our sweet Luna. She has been an exceptional addition to our kennel.  She is the great granddaughter of our Chicharo Gomez who we imported from Mexico back in 2006.  It was nice to get a piece of our line back that we started so long ago, and after all these years.  Luna is a very smart, loyal, and kind girl.  She excels at motherhood and was the most amazing mother to her 3 litters that she has had.  One born on November 4th, 2016 where she had 2 girls and 1 boy. Then one born on June 2nd, 2017 where she had 5 boys and 3 girls. She then went on and had her final litter on October 25th, 2018 where she had 3 boys. Luna is the mother to our Over The Tops Here Comes The Sun aka George.  Luna offers such wonderful attributes to the breed.  She has passed on her lovely temperment, exceptional health, and wonderful conformation to her puppies.  We are extremely happy to have shared our lives with this amazing girl. Luna is now enjoying retirement with Ted and Penny.


Cedar Lane's Cricket

CH Cedar Lane's Laredo


McClenny's Greta of Cedar Lane

Born: January 11, 2018

Cricket has been a very lovely addition to our kennel.  She came to us from our breeder friends in North Carolina USA.  She is the proud mother of two beautiful litters.  She has a fantastic pedigree and we are very happy to have had her in our home. Cricket is OFA cardiac normal, trachea normal and HUU clear. She is now living her best retirement life with Leah and Robert.

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